Current Plans

Lot is going next year, but I'm definitely going to be updating the game more frequently. At the moment, There's no new build out. I just added a combat music system, so I'm trying to figure out what music I'm going to include in my build. (Probably some copyright free music). There's several other improvements including:

  • NPC Recycling that reduces stuttering
  • Weapon wheel
  • Soda is now an item you can pick up
  • New weapon models and animations
  • Audio rebalancing
  • Better physics (controller and ragdoll)
  • Proper Crouching
  • A pause menu
  • More debug stuff!! 

Also, I'm deciding to move to Patreon for blog posts because it's way better than typing stuff here. This site editor is a nightmare to work. I'll probably use this as a splash page for my game giving links to all my different social media and development.

I have a lot to do before formally releasing the game. This includes but isnt limited to:

  • actual story
  • original character models and music
  • a vertical slice
  • marketing assets (logo, icons)
  • a trailer

I'm currently trying to refine all the mechanics and making sure that the game will run at a stable framerate. I've recently encountered the issue of the camera stuttering, mainly caused by NPCs and objects not being pooled. I decided to have a pooling system of time-consuming objects in order to stabilze the framerate. For the most part, it worked.

I'm planning the next build to be an actualy level with a goal. Wish me luck.

Whoever actually reads this, Thank you.

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Hi there, I'm Shawn. I'm making a game called SmugForce. It's a third person shooter I'm making in Unity. Currently, I'm coding the mechanics and systems for the game. I occasionally post test builds publicly available for anyone who stumbles across this site. If you're interested, follow my social media links below to see the progress I make. Thanks for stopping by!

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